Happy Birthday Sweet Jess xx

It was an early morning.
In fact it was still dark as I walked over to my sister inlaw’s camper trailer to haul her out of bed.
Out she emerged with her little lantern, dress and beads on and ready for our little early morning,
self indulgent, child free adventure on the beach. We toddled on down, to an almost deserted beach,
and got the camera rolling. Jess is a brilliant photographer herself (Essence Images) but certainly is amazing on the other side of the camera as well:-)
Here are some images of the morning as it unfolded and as the sun rose to the sky !!
Happy Birthday Jess. Love you xx

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Dimity - Both you ladies are pretty amazing – love the hat shots :-)

Meagan - Amazing photos, Angie! And Jess, you look just gorgeous! Xx

jess - thank you with all my heart – I know I will love these in ten years time!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

stephanie - love being the first….these are beautiful!

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