…..well that’s what I’m praying for anyway !!! As many of you may already know, my family and I are making the big move to Annecy, France !! It will be a year long adventure for us, exploring a new country, making new friends, eating yummy new food, desperately attempting to grasp a new language, driving on the opposite side of the road……and the list goes on! Our plan at this stage is to board the plane sometime in late July and make our way over, with a few stopovers. I’m hoping for a spot of Italy or the Greek Islands personally, but we shall wait and see! Flying by the seat of our pants much ??

My little blog will continue, but on a somewhat more personal note. For a whole 12 months I won’t be officially working but I have a feeling my camera will be on overdrive. I would so love you to stick around for the ride. The images I have seen of Annecy are just breathtaking…..the lake, the markets, the architecture and of course, the people. As the title of my blog explains, I see the coming year as a time to develop my skills, a time to explore and gather inspiration but most importantly, a time to be with my precious family and soak up what the world has to offer xx

I plan to wrap things up here in Sydney by the end of May but still have a few sessions available at this point. Whilst I’m away I will be most happy to refer you on to a wonderful photographer and friend, so feel free to email me for more information! I promise you will not be disappointed in her work:-)
Love Angie xox

Liz - Hi Angela:

Just stumbled across your blog in my Google travels and saw the above post. My husband and I were in Annecy last year while traveling in Switzerland – you will absolutely love it and your camera WILL get a workout :) The lake is stunning, people were so friendly, and there’s just such a laid back atmosphere. I think it would be a totally different experience to live there for a year, as opposed to just visiting, but we would do it in a second based on our experience. Hope it all goes well for you – leap and the net will appear! :)

Amy Tong - That sounds amazing. I hope you’re having a wonderful time

Jen Stocks - I just came to check on your lovely work, and saw this post. I hope you are having an amazing time!

Lara Curtin - Hi Ang and Family,

Oh wow the times has come for your adventure. I wish you guys so much happiness and fun together. Sorry have not been in touch! Please stay in touch and we send lots of hugs and kisses to you all. All our love lara, nick, leah and rowan (South Africa)

stephanie - Got out of town!!! (Literally) You lucky girl. I thought it was just for a short trip. May I pretty please come visit? And YES you need to go to Italy and YES you need to go to Greece. Been to both and you must. I want postcards!!!

Jennifer Taylor - Looking forward to seeing some of your personal work from France….. a bit envious, too, if I’m honest! Wishing you and your family all the best.

Dimity - Have an amazing time – I’m sure your blogs to follow will be truly inspiring.

Sandra Henri - Luv you and will miss you!

A shade of blue | Sydney Newborn Photographer

He is the brother of two excitable, vibrant, gorgeous sisters.
He is the son of two dear friends of mine. Welcome Kai. I know
you will be loved beyond comprehension and will always know how
cherished you are xx Here is a little blog just for you xx The
images of your sisters will come later….there are a few !!

Sandra Henri - So mega adorable!

Happy Birthday Sweet Jess xx

It was an early morning.
In fact it was still dark as I walked over to my sister inlaw’s camper trailer to haul her out of bed.
Out she emerged with her little lantern, dress and beads on and ready for our little early morning,
self indulgent, child free adventure on the beach. We toddled on down, to an almost deserted beach,
and got the camera rolling. Jess is a brilliant photographer herself (Essence Images) but certainly is amazing on the other side of the camera as well:-)
Here are some images of the morning as it unfolded and as the sun rose to the sky !!
Happy Birthday Jess. Love you xx

Dimity - Both you ladies are pretty amazing – love the hat shots :-)

Meagan - Amazing photos, Angie! And Jess, you look just gorgeous! Xx

jess - thank you with all my heart – I know I will love these in ten years time!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

stephanie - love being the first….these are beautiful!

Happy 60th Dad xx | Sydney Family Photographer

I had grand ideas of a huge surprise party, maybe a few cocktails and dancing the night away! My Dad had different plans for his 60th…..no surprise party !!! Dad’s lack of enthusiasm for a large gathering led us to a great house, on the beach, at North Avoca. We celebrated with our little family for the entire weekend. Despite the lack of numbers, there were still cocktails, loads of daggy dancing, old school music and laughs. The five grandsons created amazing art on Dad’s custom made surfboard we got him for his birthday. Needless to say the surfboard got a workout and some great memories were created xx My camera worked on overtime and here are but a few of the frames. LOVE you Dad. Happy 60th xx

Glamour Photographer Sydney - Nice blog here! Also your website loads up fast! What host are you using? I wish my website loaded up as fast as yours lol !

Gail Daldy - The photos are gorgeous angie as always you capture the natural beauty!!!

Janine - What a bunch of spunks! Seriously, what a perfect celebration of your Dad’s special milestone. Love your work and I’ve now added North Avoca to my getaway wishlist.

Ninka - Fantastic memories Angie! I love that you got to sneak into a few shots too!

jess - Love these, LOVE your family, love you xxxxxx

Team Henri

A short drive from Sydney, on a central coast property, I had the honour of photographing my dear friend and her gorgeous family.
Sandra is an amazing photographer and most of you would be familiar with her work.
If not, I urge you to head on over and take a peek at Sandra Henri Photography.
Here is but a small portion of the family magic captured, as the golden sun fell beyond the mountains xx

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Louise - Simply love your work

Jen Stocks - Oh my! How divine are these, and Sandra – your family is adorable!!!! Beautiful images!

Janine - I love them all, Angie. They remind me of a weekend farmstay our family had last year. Such wonderful memories for the whole family to look back on.

Sandra Henri - Thank-you so much Angie, you captured our little adventure perfectly! I will be forever grateful for all the lovely moments you captured and all those the yummy details too! xoxo

Ninka - These are perfection Angie, so natural and beautiful!

jess - Such a heartfelt session, loved them all of course, loved the details – what a gorgeous little family xxx

Stephanie - what a beautiful session!! love it!